Dandelion Family Counseling

I help Charlotte area kids and their parents reduce meltdowns and tantrums by discovering fun ways to feel better. We use our natural desire to move and create to find playful solutions that can be used at home, school or anywhere. Children with ADHD, Aspergers, SPD, or anxiety will find my playroom a great place to unwind while learning to share their feelings, reduce anger, minimize meltdowns and tantrums, improve confidence and so much more!

I help teens and their parents learn to talk, in a way that makes sense to both of them. If you feel your teenager has ADHD, Aspergers, SPD, anxiety, low self esteem, or depression then my office might be the right place for them. We use art, legos, and boardgames to open the conversation so that your teen is more likely to share how they really feel. Teens tell me they like to hang out because they learn new things that truly help them feel happier.

I help parents support their family. I work with parents who are ready for change and may have felt frustrated by slow progress with other therapists. I encourage frequent phone calls and emails to answer any questions you may have because I believe you should not have to wait (and pay extra) to find solutions to today’s problems. You will learn starting day one what you can do to feel more confident in helping your child be happier. Let’s face it, no one wants an unhappy kid.

You are worth it. Your child or teen is worth it. Let’s get started right away!