Fees: What to Expect

What to expect:

There is no commitment to a minimum number of sessions but I find that weekly sessions are necessary at the start of counseling. As goals are obtained and confidence is built we will reduce frequency.

I have assisted families meet their goals in as few as 4 weeks but typically clients attend 3-6 months with reduced frequency throughout that time. Please note that some families may benefit from longer commitments to counseling.

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What is included in your investment?

  • After school availability is always available!
  • Weekly 45-minute meetings for your child or teen
  • Weekly 45-minute parent meetings to focus on answering your questions and creating solutions
  • Weekly emails recapping what we discussed, links to additional information, and ‘homework’
  • Monthly reports for medical doctors, teaching staff, other professionals
  • Coordination with teaching staff (if appropriate)
  • Quick response to your phone calls and emails
  • Termination report to summarize accomplished goals, recommended resources, and reminders for the future
  • Achieving goals quickly


In the beginning, I recommend meeting with your family 2 times a week, for 45 minutes each session. One session will be only your child or teenager, with a second session devoted to the parents. This commitment to your family is $300 per week ($150 per session)


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, sessions are covered under mental health or behavioral health benefits. However, I DO NOT participate in any insurances.

If desired, I can provide a receipt to be submitted to your insurance that may be used towards your out of network benefits. Please contact your insurance carrier for specifics on this possibility.

If you choose to submit to insurance please know that insurance requires a diagnosis and you will be required to pay the full fee at the time of your session.